Nick Kohlschrieber On Best Practices For Monetizing Social Media

While much of his industry still claim that social media is too confusing and expensive to monetize, Nick Kohlschreiber is actively using a service that can be replicated across any vertical, and has been doing so for quite some time. Ever since the successes of his first company in the solar energy sector, the entrepreneur has effectively driven traffic and generated growth with the Internet. After perfecting these marketing strategies and assembling a top-notch team of IT experts, Kohlschreiber is now disclosing his tactics with brands who need it most – small businesses and digital entrepreneurs. “Due to the constantly increasing number of new social media platforms, generating sales and revenues through those channels has become a science in itself,” he explained. “Many clients do not realize that these networking sites can be used for much more than connecting with an existing or potential customer base.”

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