Nick Kohlschreiber Foresees Vast Changes In Automated Messaging Campaigns

As the amount of smartphone owners and app downloads have increased like never before, 2016 shaped an explosion of consumer data. Exploiting this, mobile teams are swiftly transforming and profoundly improving their end experience by intelligently engaging users through their lifecycle. Chatbots with the capability to get smarter over time are allowing marketers to reach possible customers with speedy, millennial-friendly responses that are driving both app interactions and sales. Moderately easy to include into a mobile marketing strategy, i.e. Facebook Messenger or Slack, chatbots have also been pushed by the shift in smartphone communication from voice to text and images. In agreement to this trend, Nick Kohlschreiber presumes to witness huge changes in automated messaging campaigns, beginning with personalized parameters. Customization – backed by powerful data – has the influence to touch every key mobile marketing metric. Launching tailored campaigns with manageable content will improve user conversions, decrease acquisition spending, and lead to ROI across the board.

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